Galerie – Sri Lanka mit privatem Fahrer und Wagen

480px-Facebook_icon_2013.svg You may follow us and our Sri Lanka round trips  via my FB account “Nugadhenitours Sri Lanka travels”. In the gallery below you may get some more impressions of what to see and what to do on your Sri Lanka round trip.

Nearly almost of our trips, our adventures, but also background information on the visited sites, animals and plants, or the history of my country are described in Marion`s books (German language: “Sri Lanka- Reiseführer des Herzens, BoD Verlag, Band 1-4).

a land

Hiking around Adam´s Peak Viwe from Adam´s peak Climbing Adam´s Peak Climbing Adam´s Peak

Aukana Buddha Aukana

Aukana Buddha

Polonnaruwa4 Polonnaruwa3 Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa

DSCI0852 DSCI0851 DSCI0850 Landscape near Buttala, Monaragala region

Ramboda Falls DSCI0540 DSCI0491

Tempel des Hl Zahn, Kandy Temple of the Holy Tooth, Kandy

White whater rafting, Kelani Rive, KitulgalaKegali white water2 Kegali river White water rafting rafting white water Raftin Kegali Kegali white water2 Kegali river DSC07703 DSC07702 DSC07701 DSC07693 DSC07691 DSC07713 DSC07709 DSC07691 DSC07690 DSC07675 DSC07708 DSC07676 DSC07676

Sasseruwa Buddha and Sasseruwa Cave rock temples DSCI1270 DSCI1272 DSCI1277 DSCI1286 DSCI1289 DSCI1293 DSCI1295 DSCI1296

Kandy Traditional Dance DSCI1104 DSCI1108 DSCI1110 DSCI1111 DSCI1116 DSCI1114 DSCI1115

Embekka, near Kandy

DSCI1083 DSCI1082

Jeep Safari, Minneriya/Eco National Park, near Dambulla

DSCI0789 DSCI0844 DSCI0850 DSCI0880 DSCI0884 DSCI0895

Ambuluwawa, near Kandy  DSCI1144 DSCI1148 DSCI1149 DSCI1151

Matala Kovil, on the way to Kandy DSCI0752 DSCI0755 DSCI0766 DSCI0765 DSCI0763 DSCI0768 DSCI0771

Gadaladeniya, near Kandy DSCI1035 DSCI1043

Elefant Transit Home, Uda Walawa DSCI0299 DSCI0285 DSCI0284


Schlangen”farm”, Mirissa

DSCI0135 DSCI0156 DSCI0170 DSCI0194 DSCI0197 DSCI0202 DSCI0211 DSCI0230 DSCI0256 DSCI0267

yapahuva2 Yapahuwa yapahuva

DSCI1311 DSCI1313 DSCI1314 DSCI1315 DSCI1316 DSCI1325 DSCI1329 DSCI1335 DSCI1365 DSCI1369 DSCI1375 DSCI1385 DSCI1399


Kandalama Lake, near Dambulla DSCI1186

sigirya Sigirya sigi sown sigi Sigirya, view from the top

zug zugf zug3 Train trip near Ella  Train ride

galle Galle

 hindumadu Madu River Island Temple, Hindu Kovil kroc madufish Madu Fish Farm  
  Madu wetlands madu river boat safari  
Madu River Boat Safari
madu river island temple Mahu River Island Vihara
Sinharaja Rain forest klein Sinhraja Pool Bathing Sinharaja Rain Forest  Sinharaja Rain forest  'Tea Plantation Sinhraja Rain forest
 Bakers Fall, horton Plains  Baker Falls, Horton Plains 556985_527864773929618_1759525351_n Huna Falls
Lankathilanka, near Kandy
DSCI1078 DSCI1067 DSCI1069 DSCI1064 DSCI1061 DSCI1048 DSCI1058 DSCI1044
Dickwela  Dickwela, near Tangalle
with clients Boat trip to Pigeon Island for diving, near Uppuveli SAM_3871 Snorchling near Swami rock, Trinco
knuckles  Hiking Knuckles Range,  top of Time Rock, 1.800m SAM_8130 1014470_527854840597278_18486182_n SAM_8134 Kopie 
Knuckles Range: near Little World´s end
knuckles ohne hund kunckles sit knuckeltor Hiking at Knuckles range
  mousakelle Hiking near Adam´s Peak  SAM_7783 SAM_5710
Hiking around Adam´s peak
hiking tea plantations Hiking near Mousakelle Reservoir
Ruwana Fall near Ella Ruwana Falls, near Ella 533843_433493706700059_528286961_n 
jaffna car On the way to Jaffna, near the Elefant pass
 car dialuma falls 
Diyaluma Falls Diyaluma Falls
Bird watching, Yala Bird Watching kingfisher beeater DSCI1451
 ''Bambarkanda falls Bambarakanda Falls way to bambarakanda  Mara Road tree/ the way to Bambarakanda
pinnewala pinne pinewa pinnewalla Pinnewala Elefant Orphanage
ella ellahi  Hiking near Ellaella hike Way down from Ella´s Rock alter Hiking to Ella´s rock along the railway tracks
382116_433479070034856_1407362613_n 546883_433423043373792_1760715040_n Ella´s Rock
 turtle turtle 2 Turtle Hatchery turtles near Hikkaduwa
sasseruwa sasse Sasseruwa cave temples and Sasseruwa Buddha sasseruwa buddha
 SAM_2416 Lakes drive near Habarana with Jeep and boat
ritigala jeep Around Ritigala Ancient Ritigula monastry    ritigula during the lake tour7lake riti Lake tour near Ritigala boot and Habaranakimbula barty 7l see jeepsa
bergland Direction Nuwara Eliya
nureliy hiking nurelya neli hotel hillcountry Lover´s eap near Nuwara Eliya   Nuwara Eliya and surroundings
542701_433482420034521_768573062_n 21818_433482310034532_1019850470_n
kaudulla safari  
Jeep Safari Kaudulla/Minneriya National Park
12770_433480943368002_511542877_n 378970_433480920034671_342607943_n 68453_433480860034677_1597314035_n 231153_433480850034678_1527044423_n
 Yala national park Yala National Park aaala
Embekka Embekka near Kandy
aluvihara Aluvihara on the way to Kandy
mulkiontop View from top of Mulkirigala
Mulikirigala2 Cave temples of Mulkirigala Mulikrigala
SAM_6827 SAM_9889 SAM_9926 1001861_527870333929062_79601187_n
 Hikinkg Hanguranketha
SAM_1062 SAM_0903 SAM_0661 SAM_0660
DSCI0198 DSCI0197 DSCI0195 DSCI0091SAM_0588 SAM_0582 
 Trinco with its famous Uppuveli Silver Beach and Koneshwaram Kovil
DSCI1167 DSCI1166 DSCI1164 DSCI1185 DSCI1184 Maligawila Buddha Statue
 SAM_0428 SAM_0427 
Elefant riding 3 579207_433391010043662_1254852557_n 12874_433390706710359_1365550753_n
Habarana – Elefant riding and bathing
Mihintale2 View from Mihintale Mihintale Mihintale
DSCI1338 DSCI1502 DSCI1237 DSCI1229 DSCI1070[1] DSCI0299
With our new Toyota van on the way to the unknown east: Panama-Galabedda-Maligawila-Dematamal-Yudaganawa- Kumana National Park (Yala east)
First row: termite´s house and the second largest Nuga-tree (not a joke! This is the name!) in Sri Lanka
DSCI0618 DSCI0597 DSCI0620 Bird watching, Yala
DSCI1494 DSCI1485 DSCI1484 DSCI1483 DSCI1457 DSCI1451 DSCI1425 DSCI1421
DSCI0761 DSCI0737
Kumana National Park and nearby: Okanda Kovil
DSCI1288 DSCI1284 DSCI1278 DSCI1277 DSCI1273 DSCI1272
 The unknown east: Dematamal
SAM_0452 SAM_0451
 Ancient temple in Pidurangala, near Sigirya 
533680_433494113366685_1959871840_n Horton Plains, National Park with World´s end 
546765_433402163375880_362058947_n 259870_433466533369443_914838051_n
8740_433468206702609_2014622796_n 31027_433468666702563_1363159786_n  
182572_433424266707003_1461481681_n Hiking Horton Plns
215950_433482893367807_2061847062_n 32418_433482820034481_1046591540_n 382037_433482860034477_1410425098_n Dambulla Cave Temples
248798_433482010034562_1654635794_n Matala, Hindu Kovil
SAM_4343 SAM_4342 SAM_4341 SAM_4338 SAM_4336 SAM_4335 SAM_4334 SAM_4331 SAM_4328 SAM_4223 SAM_4130 SAM_4005
SAM_4246 SAM_4222 SAM_4128 SAM_3451
Impressions of Jaffna Peninsula, Jaffna Library, Nallur Kovil, Keerimalai spring (rows above)
SAM_3988 SAM_3986 
Nillaveli Beach near Trinco
SAM_3799 SAM_3760 SAM_3736 SAM_3691 Whale watching near Uppuveli Beach, Trinco
DSCI0861 Pottuvil, Lagoon boat trip DSCI0974 DSCI0923 
DSCI0977 DSCI0974 
DSCI0922 DSCI0904 
DSCI0840 DSCI0835 DSCI0833 DSCI0832 DSCI0829 DSCI0801 DSCI0800 DSCI0792
The unknown east: Kudumbigala (4 rows above) near Kumana Nat. Park